Why students choose Serviced Apartments

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Where to live – always a big deal for students of all ages, as they look forward to an exciting new chapter in their lives.

There are a few options, from purpose-built student accommodation, which is popular with freshers looking to make social connections and have a readymade community around them. For students coming back into second year and looking to experience a new kind of independence, private rentals and shared houses are popular.

Finally, an accommodation choice which is growing in popularity – the Serviced Apartment. Staying in a Serviced Apartment is a little different to other accommodation types.

Read on to find out why!

What are Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments are professionally managed apartments available to rent for both short and long-term stays – you choose how long you want to stay and enjoy flexibility and being in control. For example, you can change your length of stay whenever you need to, unlike a private rental. No binding rental agreements.

Serviced apartments provide a far more flexible approach to a student shared house or private rental. With taxes and utilities included within the price, it is easy to keep track of expenditure – which is great news for students. No unexpected surprises!

And what’s move, apartments are fully furnished and provide amenities, like housekeeping.

Sounds good – find out more below! 

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Fully Furnished – no need to spend valuable funds on furniture!

Serviced Apartments are fully furnished with everything you will need during your stay – you might find a super smart coffee machine and a dishwasher! You will find a fully equipped kitchen so you can prepare your meals just like you would do at home. Wi-Fi is up and running, there is no need to enter any contracts and no waiting – simply move in and start browsing! Just like the WiFi, the TV is set up and waiting, and you will find other home from home comforts that make your stay an easy one including fresh linen and towels. 

Space and privacy – your home from home

We know that not all students want to live in halls of residence, surrounded by lots of other students. If you like more privacy and appreciate a more luxurious stay, serviced apartments might be just what you are looking for. Space, privacy and flexibility are all available when you stay in an apartment. Simply move in and start living, with a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, separate living and sleeping spaces (other than in studio style apartments) and the knowledge that you are safe, in your own home.

If you enjoy having family and friends to stay, including the occasional pet visitor, there is enough space to welcome them with open arms! Apartments really are your home from home.

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Amenities – including a weekly clean!

Serviced Apartments are complete with amenities including a weekly clean. Imagine, a super smart apartment to call your own with a cleaner that comes each week – to change beds, provide clean towels, check everything is working OK. There are lots more benefits to staying in apartments – other amenities include on-site gyms, restaurants, bars, cafes, and co-working spaces. This is the trending, slightly luxurious way to stay as a modern student with a good budget.  

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One cost makes budgeting easy

For most students, budgeting can be stressful and with a private rental comes the uncertainty of items like utility bills. Serviced Apartments are not only all set up for your arrival, they also follow an all-inclusive billing system which eliminates the worries of utility bills each month. These services are managed by the apartment provider and take the worry away from you, the student – who can spend saved time studying, or exploring the delights of the city – you choose. Less to worry about can only be a good thing! 

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Centrally located – live like a local

Most Serviced Apartments are in prime areas close to the central business district, or the city centre. However, the benefit of apartments is that if you want to be a little less central, there are certainly going to be options to look at. Most students want the convenience of being close to the campus, reducing commuting times. Generally, this places you, the student, in an area populated with dining, bars, nightlife, retail, entertainment and the other amenities you are looking for. These areas tend to be well-connected with various transport options, from buses, trains, tubes, trams, and taxis.

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Flexibility – you determine how long you stay

One of the problems for students looking at private rental options is the tenancy or rental agreement. Firstly, there is the paperwork and secondly, the lack of flexibility in length of stay. Often the tenant, that is you, is tied in for a specific amount of time and changing that term is not easy. Then there is the large deposit required.

With a Serviced Apartment there is no rental agreement, and the length of stay is determined by you. Want the apartment for term-time only, no problem. Want to stay all year round – again, no problem.  This is a huge selling point for international students because no rental agreement means no rent-guarantor to co-sign the tenant agreement.

Discover Serviced Apartments – you won’t look back!

If you have never tried it before, why not discover the many joys of living in a serviced apartment. Especially during these uncertain times, serviced apartments provide peace of mind with fully sanitised rooms and reservation flexibility.

The Apartment Network has a network of over 50,000 serviced apartments across London, the UK, Europe, United States, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and more. We can help you book the best serviced apartment or aparthotel for your home during your studies.

Where are the best cities in the world for studying abroad and what might your student home look like?

Start your search today. 

Here are some great apartments to give you a feel for home from home while studying.  

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