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The Apartment Network is investing in the future and is confident that market conditions will return to more positive levels later this year. As restrictions ease around the world, and a new phase approaches which will see parts of the hospitality sector open their doors from 4th of July 2020, we will listen and respond to the needs, wants, and demands of our clients.

Trends and observations

As the shock of Covid-19 eases and we come to terms with what comes next, those of us in travel and hospitality look to the future and to what our clients will need, to install trust in travel and a place to stay.

We have seen a need for more flexibility in cancellation terms; we are seeing a shorter lead time on bookings and we expect this to continue as a trend in last-minute booking decisions. We anticipate a rise in domestic bookings through the remainder of 2020 with an increase in leisure enquiries with the “staycation” trend.

Corporate business travel

Sentiment around corporate business travel is encouraging and as borders reopen and airlines increase flights, we expect a positive uplift in corporate enquiries. We may see an increase in length of stay as people choose to travel once for a longer stay, over several shorter trips. This also reflects on individuals and corporate environmental concerns.

Travel restrictions will ease

While serviced apartments are well-positioned to help quarantined travellers, this requirement should reduce, as the travel industry pushes to get moving again and the option to be tested becomes more available. Technological advances and new practices will help provide confidence in safe travel.

An ideal accommodation solution

The serviced apartment sector has a unique advantage in providing accommodation for future travellers. With our global network of operators and suppliers, we can source accommodation that offers space, flexibility, and importantly, the ability to control hygiene and limit contact. The rules for social distancing may be changing but the demands and expectations for individuals are varied and many will look for a safe place to stay that meets their own, individual brief.

Standards will be the key to future success.

It will be essential to provide clear and consistent advice and information in relation to Covid-19 procedures and control methods: cleaning, risk assessment, staff training, social distancing, illness reporting, contamination management. There will be an increased demand for accreditation and certification to give confidence and generate trust in hygiene levels. The arrival of The ASAP’s ‘Stay with Confidence’ hygiene guarantee is evidence of meeting client expectations.


Business, communities, and individuals have demonstrated resilience, flexibility, and the ability to act quickly. We have shown incredible strength as we act together to come out on the other side of Covid-19. We will work hard with our network to provide serviced apartment accommodation around the world to meet what is likely to be a growing demand for alternative accommodation options.

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