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What is a Serviced Apartment?
  • A Serviced Apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for both short-term and long-term stays, providing all the hotel-like amenities.
  • Serviced Apartments typically include soft-furnishings and cooking utensils so that long term tenants need not bring their own, and have all the services like housekeeping, front office, parking & other amenities included in the rent
  • Serviced Apartments therefore include all of the convenience of hotel rooms but can be less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms for longer stays due to rates being based on the length of stay.
  • Because of the beginning of the boom in longer stay international travel as well as the corresponding increase in the level of sophistication of international travellers, interest in Serviced Apartments has risen at the expense of the use of hotels for short stays
  • Benefits may include more space and privacy, convenience when travelling with a family, and the savings associated with cooking one’s own meals in the apartment


What kitchen equipment should I expect in my Serviced Apartment?
  • All Serviced Apartments will have a kitchen or kitchenette including:
  • Crockery
  • Cutlery
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Cooker or hot plate
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Washing or washer dryer machine

* Subject to availability, exact confirmed at the time of booking.

How many different apartment types are there?

The standard types are:

  • Studio: normally one room with bedroom, living area and kitchen all in one space with a separate bathroom, very similar to a hotel room, but bigger.
  • One Bedroom:  A separate bedroom, bathroom, and seperate kitchen/living area
  • Two Bedroom, One Bathroom – The main bathroom is a double/king bed, second bedroom could be double or twin beds, with separate bedroom, bathroom, with kitchen and living area
  • Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom – The main bedroom will have double/king bed and normally an ensuite bathroom, second bedroom could be a double or twin bed and has access to the main bathroom with a larger kitchen and living area than a one bedroom. These apartments are ideal for families, graduate and project work.
  • 3, 4 & 5 Bedroom Apartments / houses – Will be standalone properties of a high standard with a master bedroom and usually have at least two bathrooms. These larger apartments may also offer outdoor space such as a private terrace, balcony or garden.
What facilities will I find in my apartment?

When you arrival at your apartment you will find that your apartment should have the type of equipment you would usually find in a house.


  • Crockery
  • Cutlery
  • Cooking utensils
  • Cooker or hot plate
  • Dining table and chairs*
  • Dishwasher*
  • Fridge
  • Washing or washer dryer machine*

Sitting room and Dining room

  • Sofa
  • Chair*
  • Table
  • Television (Satellite/cable or Freeview)
  • Telephone
  • Dining Table and chairs*

Bedroom & Bathroom

  • Bed with pillows and duvet
  • Sheets and towels


  • Wi Fi*
  • Welcome Pack*

* Subject to availability, confirmed at the time of booking)

What are my check in and check out times & how do I check in to my apartment?

Once you have made your booking with us, you will receive a detailed confirmation. This will give you your check in details. It is important to read the confirmation and to bring a printed copy with you, on arrival at your reserved apartment.

Depending upon the apartment provider, there is a variety of ways in which you check-in to your reserved apartment

Concierge or 24 hour reception

  • You will be required to give photo ID on arrival before your keys are handed over to you

Meet and Greet

  • It is important that you read your check in details as a meet and greet may require you to call ahead prior to arrival
  • If you are arriving by air and supply us with your flight details and a mobile number, we can arrange for the “Meet and Greet” to be at your apartment from a certain time

Self check-in

  • Self check-in is as it sounds: you will be provided with access codes to the building, together with a lockbox number and a code to that box. In the box you will find an envelope with your name and the keys to your apartment

Check- in time

  • This is normally 4pm on the day, but depending upon the apartment provider
  • If you need an earlier check-in, we can arrange this but this may incur a charge
  • For guaranteed early arrival check-ins, we suggest booking from the night before

Check-out time

  • Normal check out time is 10am on the day of check-out
  • If you require a later check-out time, we can try to arrange this but this may incur an addition charge
What do I do if I have an emergency or problem on arrival or during my stay?
  • If you have an issue during your stay then please contact us as soon as possible to report so we can work quickly to put it right.
  • If you have an emergency you will have the details on your confirmation of all the emergency contact details for your apartment provider.  We suggest that you make a copy of the details and number to save into your phone or wallet.
What is the difference between a serviced apartment and normal rental apartment?
  • The main difference between a Serviced Apartment and a normal rental apartment is that a Serviced Apartment should be seen as a hotel alternative and not as a rental alternative
  • A Serviced Apartment can be booked from a few nights to as long as you require
  • You only pay for the number of nights you want
  • This means there are normally no tenancy agreements or deposits*
  • Your notice period to extend or reduce your length of stay is much shorter. This can be found on each apartment’s page or on your confirmation
  • All your bills are included
  • You will not be required to set up any direct debits with utility companies, TV licenses, Telephone line rental or the local council
  • No tenancy references, local bank account or credit checks are required
  • Wi Fi or Internet are generally included
  • Television (satellite upgrades are available or Freeview) are generally included
  • Maid service is included, the standard is once a week and this will include the changing of your towels and bed linen
  • If you have a maintenance issue we can arrange for someone to come out and repair or replace the item at no extra charge
Are pets allowed in a serviced apartment?
  • Over the past few years bringing pets over to UK has become more popular and a number of Serviced Apartment supplier do permit guest to bring their pets
  • Normally suppliers only allow certain pets (depending on their size or weight)
  • Please call us to discuss any specific requirements you may have.
  •  Some will take pets on the understanding that there is an additional “Pet deposit” and an extra deep clean at the end of your agreed stay
  • We have also added an advanced search for apartments that only takes pets
What options are available for disabled guests?
  • The Apartment Network has an extra search feature Advanced Search Option (ASO). If you click the wheelchair access in your search, this will give you all the apartments that are wheelchair accessible.
  • Before confirming your booking we recommend check with us that the apartment will be suitable for you or your guest
Why does VAT change after 28 nights?
  • All the rates show on our website are there to give you an indication of the nightly rate
  • All the rates show are excluding VAT
  • The standard rate of VAT in the UK is currently 20%
  • VAT is charged at 20% for the first 28 nights and 4% for any additional nights thereafter for an individual consecutive stay.  (Please note this is linked to the individual and not the apartment)


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