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With change comes opportunity

The Apartment Network (TAN) is in a somewhat enviable position. The team has grown, we have reviewed our business strategy and we have a new business model which pushes for change in how travel and accommodation buyers use the serviced apartment sector.

We are learning and evolving

The global pandemic has been and still is devastating. However, we are seeing progress as the vaccine is rolled out – green shoots of hope combined with a sense of excitement. We do not doubt that all of us appreciated seeing how our environmental impact was reduced when we all stood still….and while we will not continue to live this way, we can look to do things differently, including how we travel and stay. There are lessons to be learnt.


“As life was disrupted, we were given time and insight, pushing us to understand how we might do things differently. We have an opportunity to change how we travel and stay in the corporate travel world.”

Marcos Isaac, CEO, TAN


We thrive in communities

The environment is not the only factor that has influenced change. We have embraced technology and will continue to do so, with virtual meetings becoming a new norm. In the business travel sector we are likely to see fewer business trips. However, we are human and we thrive in communities with face-to-face contact. As we venture out again, we will want to nurture existing relationships and build new relationships – and we do this best when we meet in person.

Future travel will be about generating real value

Business travel, business meetings, networking and entertaining will continue albeit in a different way. We expect to see longer stays become the norm, where real value is an essential outcome. While overall budgets may reduce, we are likely to see an increase in spend for individual trips.

Duty of Care

The number one criterion for business travel – Duty of Care. While the vaccine will allow travel doorways to re-open, it will take some time for an apprehension towards travel to disappear. Serviced Apartments have been resilient because they provide a self-contained and perhaps safer place to stay than a hotel. And with hotel facilities including dining closed, an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen is a perfect solution.

But booking apartments causes many travel buyers a headache! This will change as apartments become a bigger player in the corporate travel world. 

Capacity for change

Industry research shows us that corporate buyers have plenty of scope for change; in the way they handle accommodation requirements and in how they manage serviced apartment bookings. Only one third include apartments in hotel RFPs, just a quarter use specialist agencies with three quarters booking direct with providers. All will experience increased demand for apartments and as more travellers become accustomed to the space, privacy and flexibility an apartment offers, this could be an exciting time for the apartment sector.


“We know that difficult times also bring new opportunities. We advise you to embrace change, to not fight new trends but to look carefully at how you can take advantage of new ways of working. Work with subject matter experts like us – our new business model will be of interest to large corporate travel buyers and has the potential to save them millions.”

Marcos Isaac, CEO, TAN


Embrace new ways of working

The serviced apartment industry is fragmented and gives travel buyers a headache! However, it is our industry, and we know it inside out. Rather than add to your travel team’s workload, outsource your apartment accommodation bookings to the experts.

This is an opportunity to take advantage of a new trend in accommodation bookings, a new way of staying that meets Duty of Care criteria, while at the same time provides full visibility of traveller location.

The Apartment Network could save you millions. *


* savings dependent on current travel spend and commitment to recommended travel strategy

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