Our mission is to help you take care of your travellers while saving millions

The Apartment Network provides specialist advice in relation to accommodation programmes.

We are experts in extended stay business travel and procurement and use this knowledge to deliver custom procurement solutions that are based on your goals.

We can be a strategic partner in execution, working with you to set objectives, to project plan and to execute and monitor. As part of our apartment management programme, you can expect:


  • Business Manager
  • Status reports
  • Monitoring of KPIs
  • Steering meetings

Assurance on delivery of targets

  • Duty of care
  • Cost savings
  • Tracking of data
  • Traveller satisfaction

We are experts in apartment operations and will handle enquiries; bookings; modifications, cancellations and will provide 24/7 360 on-site support. You will have access to resources including a reservations expert, the TAN system and booking and Duty of Care tools.

Our partnership with you will deliver:

  • Traveller location details
  • Happy travellers
  • Hassle free experience
  • Cost reductions
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Case study example

The problem

Your travel programme is large, serving your business in 10 countries. You have subsidiaries, departments, and cost centres and as a company, you book over 50,000 room nights a year, mostly in hotels. You are aware the company hotel programme is not working. It does not help that there are rogue bookers, which leads to a lack of visibility. In today’s world, with Duty of Care so important, this is causing you a big headache! You understand why the team wants to book apartments, but you do not need the extra workload and stress.

The solution

By taking advantage of TAN’s consulting services including key findings and recommendations, you will deliver a clear, measurable, travel programme. Detailed consultancy provides full visibility on total accommodation spend, including granulated information which enables you to make decisions based on data and knowledge.

You will take advantage of a Spend Analysis Platform and customised reports. The white-label landing page for the booking process combined with Duty of Care functionality ensures peace of mind.

The result

By utilising serviced apartments in your travel programme, you now have full visibility of spend and traveller location. You offer travellers choice and flexibility. Your travel plan is aligned to post Covid travel trends, with longer stays more commonplace.

By using professional services, you have allocated resource and reduced in-house administration.

By migrating all long-stay [5 nights +) bookings to serviced apartments and 10% of short-stay hotel bookings to apartments in year one, and by continuing to migrate hotel bookings to apartments up to 20% in years two and three, you can expect cumulative savings in the millions.

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