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The world is a truly amazing place, few would disagree! And one of our biggest pleasures is to travel, to experience new places, different cultures, cuisines, ways of life, to live among the locals, to even become a local – the list is endless as we each seek to satisfy personal desires.

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We cannot travel far at the moment, but we can still dream, and we can plan, and we can enjoy celebrating beautiful pictures of places around the world. This is why our Instagram account has been taken over by inspiring photographs – we want to inspire you to keep dreaming and to keep looking ahead, to when travel becomes an intrinsic part of our lives once again.


At The Apartment Network, our daily challenge is to find you your home from home

Whether you are traveling for leisure, business, or are planning to move to a new country and need a long-term solution, we are here to help you find a home for your stay. While travel and hospitality have experienced a global setback unlike any seen before, and in the short-term travel is on hold, we also know that the basic human instinct to explore will see us travel again.

But will we travel differently?

Maybe we will combine business and leisure travel. It makes sense to take time to explore a new place if there on business – we hope to see companies become more flexible in allowing business travel to extend into leisure. Maybe we will stay longer, maybe we will follow up on our dream to work and live abroad. Maybe we will take a boat, travel by train, head off on an epic motorbike journey.

Whatever you decide, if you need an apartment to call home we are here to help

We have access to a global network of Serviced Apartments and our team is ready to help you plan your stay.

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