B2B Travel Buyers

With a global network of over 55,000 certified serviced apartments and corporate housing solutions, The Apartment Network is an attractive partner for B2B travel buyers.

Serviced apartments offer more space, privacy and flexibility.

Business travel is changing.
Don’t get left behind.

The global pandemic continues to cause a shift in how we travel and stay. Short business trips have been replaced with longer stay trips, which also helps satisfy sustainable travel targets.

Modern day travelers like apartments and growth in the sector gets ready to meet demand.

Big Travel Requirements?

If your company has an annual accommodation spend of £2M+ ask us about our Managed Services Model.

It’s designed to make buying accommodation easier, more reportable, and transparent.

Start your buying journey with The Apartment Network. We make it easy for you.

Flexibility for extended stay, relocation, business travel and digital nomads.

Move in and start living. A variety of buyers and customers see the benefits of fully furnished, fully equipped housing.

While hotels work for short-stay requirements, apartments offer guests more space, privacy and flexibility when staying for 7 nights or for many months.

These types of housing are often inclusive of all bills. It is likely there are no lease terms, no deposit, a shorter and more flexible notice period, and the luxury of no utilities to either set up or pay monthly for.

Modern day travelers prefer the comfort of apartments for extended stays.
Peace of mind when booking certified serviced apartments.

We have high standards.

Our network of professionally managed apartments and corporate housing is there to give you peace of mind when making a booking.

We work closely with ISAAP, the recognised and respected accreditation body for the industry sector. The ISAAP accreditation seal or certification badge provides reassurance of accommodation safety, cleanliness, security, and quality.

Our suppliers are chosen on the quality of their apartments, their locations, customer service, security, and hygiene standards, to name just a few criteria. And they all meet out strict Terms and Conditions.

Read more about our high standards
  • Our accommodation partners are selected on the quality of the apartments, standards of security, safety, cleanliness, customer service levels and the convenient locations
  • We activety seek accommodation proveders which have acheived accreditaion, and in particular the ISAAP accreditation standard. For moreinformation about ISAAP's accreditation and certification schemes, please visit https://isaap.org/about-accreditation/
  • Each accommodation partner agrees to and signs The Apartment Network's terms and conditions
  • "We book serviced apartments for our expatriate employees who arrive for the first time in the UK, as well as extended business travellers.

    Sham Jayatilaka, International Mobility & Expat Manager, Ocean Network Express (Europe)
  • “We are a small client, but we are treated like an important client.”

    Sham Jayatilaka, International Mobility & Expat Manager, Ocean Network Express (Europe)

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